Welcome to Business Connex.

Business Connex is a business development consultancy, with particular interests in trade and innovation, connecting companies and organisations to the right people to deliver successful projects resulting in growth in business. Whether the organisation is private, government or not for profit, our speciality is providing business development support on a project by project basis, to ensure each project realises the desired objectives, either by (temporary) integration into the existing project team or by working independently as an additional resource.

People do business with people and people collaborate with peopleat Business Connex we love working with people.

International Trade

Whether you are a company based in Canada looking to develop your business overseas, or based abroad and looking to develop your business here in Canada, Business Connex can support you...

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Innovation, collaboration and international trade go hand in hand. The wealth of academic excellence and facilities along with a strong collaboration between industry, government and academia result in Nova Scotia being a great location to support your innovation development...

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Business Development Support

Business Connex can also provide general BD support to allow you to grow your existing client base or assist you to develop new client avenues...

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